Travelling in Paros

Traveling in Paros

Ask one of the staff at Pelagos Studios for Motorcycle/moped or car deals and tips


The best and safest way to get around Paros is by bus. There are very good & frequent bus connections all around the island. The main bus stations in Parikia and Naoussa are open most of the day and provide you with free photocopies of the timetable. There are new timetables approximately once every week or 10 days, as there are busses added to the schedule until the high season, when the busses run very frequently and all through the night. Even during the low season there are busses approx. every hour between Parikia and Naoussa, the island's most important towns, until about midnight.


One of the most popular means of getting around the island(s) is motorbikes and mopeds. They are fairly cheap (from ~ 10 Euro & upwards per day, depending on model and season) and have a great advantage: you can go wherever you like. As the roads on Paros are all pretty good compared to other islands, Paros might be ideal for using this form of transportation. It's also convenient if you like to discover the last corners where the bus won't get you, or you want to go to a remote beach that is not close enough to the bus stop.


Renting a car is also a way to go around the island. You can find all kinds of models. Of course this is more expensive than a motorbike (prices range from 18 Euro & upwards per day, depending on model and season), but the advantages are that the car will carry more people than a motorbike and you can share the fare, plus it is safer!