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Butterfly Valley

A little green oasis full of "butterflies" (actually moths, but nevertheless impressive & colourful). Only open a few hours as it is on private ground. You can take a donkey ride to get there from the main road. approx. 8 km south of Parikia.

Folkloric Museum

Close to the airport nearby Aliki.


Behind Monastiri Beach (Naoussa) Nice for people who like to walk!

Beach Volley, Bunjee Jumping, Beach Bar, Swimming Pool

Go to Pounda Beach in Parikia & Naoussa.

Yoga courses with Oona Giesen

Aqua Parks

with water slides in Naoussa (near Kolimbithres Beach) & on the outskirts of Parikia on the road to Lefkes.

Cave of Antiparos

With stalactites and stalagmites, very steep and impressive, up on the mountain of Antiparos. Takes a ride by bus or car/motorbike or donkey. Careful on hot days as the busses can let you wait and there are no toilets nearby (although you can buy beverages there)!

Monasteries (main)

Wind Surfing