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Paros is in the heart of the Cycladic islands and embodies all that travelers dreams of when they think of the Greek Aegean islands. Tranquil landscapes with flowered valleys and rolling hills that are dotted with small churches and monasteries. Endless sandy beaches with sparkling blue waters. Picturesque traditional blue and white villages with gardens full of local fruit trees. Small quaint tavernas, bars and cafes along the seaside.Market streets that spread out in a labyrinth of flowered arches and windows decorated with clay pots of colourfull flowers. Historical marble castles,ancient churches and antiquities abound. All this visual splendor, together with traditional warm Greek hospitality, rich cultural lifestyle, diversified quiet or robust nightlife and a modern infrastructure makes Paros one of the top Islands in the Cycladics.

Parikia, the capital, is one of the main harbours of the Cyclades with frequent connections to almost all other islands. The island lies within approx. 2,5 hours (with a high-speed boat) or 5 hours (normal ferry) distance from Piraeus.

Paros's charm lies in its diversity. If you prefer a quite peaceful holiday filled with nature and traditional Greek atmosphere, Paros offers you Serene landscapes with fertile valleys and rolling hills that are dotted with small churches and monasteries, endless sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters and picturesque traditional villages. If you love History, Paros is full of famous monuments from the lands rich ancient and medieval past as well as festivals commemorating periods in their past. If you prefer the nightlife Paros can accommodate you as well with many clubs, bars and charming Tavernas throughout the island. All this, along with warm hospitality, excellent tourist facilities, rich cultural life, cosmopolitan ambience but also the possibility of seclusion, have combined to make Paros one of the most favorite spots in the Cyclades Islands. The infrastructure is very good, the main road around the island being about 72 km long and well sign-posted, so it make it easy for visitors to explore the island and all its riches.

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