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Your stay at Pelagos Studios begins with an immediate sense of island tranquility. Awash in Blue and white your room is designed to surround you with Aegean beauty and give you a feeling of cool and relaxing peace. Your Studio is surprisingly large and spacious and always immaculate. Designed to instill the Greek islands traditions, its beauty completes the picture already created by the flowered gardens and sculpted Aegean Architecture of the hotel.

Along with the visual details we ensure that you have all the necessary services and amenities that will ensure that your stay is restful and comfortable. For those days or nights when you just want to relax in the comfort of your room all our rooms include a private shower and balcony, a fully equipped kitchenette with refrigerator, stovetop and utensils, television, Air Conditioning, private telephone and to complete the experience a music box playing sweet melodies of the Aegean islands.

If you are in the mood to socialize, all you need to do is make your way to our flowered bamboo covered outdoor sitting area and enjoy the time honored Greek tradition of conversation within this tranquil garden. Perhaps it will be one of the evenings when Mr Vasilli is having one of his parties complete with barbequed fish, ouzo, wine, dancing and plate smashing. We have ensured that every detail has been arranged so that you feel totally at home, relaxed and with friends.

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Features of Pelagos Studios

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Pelagos Studios wants to
ensure our guests feel at
home so we provide the best:

  • Large Spacious Rooms
  • Private Walkout Balcony
  • Fully Equipped Kitchenette
  • Private Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Television & Music
  • Daily Maid Service
  • Private Telephone Service
  • Beautifully Flowered Gardens
  • Tranquil Quiet Environment
  • Bamboo Covered Sitting Area
  • Public use Outside Barbeque
  • Breakfast Service
  • Drinks and Snacks Avaialable
  • Courtious and Friendly Staff